There is an entity lurking out there that is almost as insidiously oppressive as the federal and many of the state governments. It is known as a “Home Owners Association” or “HOA.”

While the underlying concept of an HOA as an organization designed to maintain a certain quality of life and real property values may be benign enough, when put in practice the HOA more often than not becomes a tyrannical liberty limiting organization with absolutely no resemblance to a representational homeowners organization.

One might think because the HOA’s governing body is elected by the owners, that it would be a representational body for the purpose of serving the interests of the owners and community and while that may be the supposed intent, the reality is that they serve their own and the corporate interests, just like the politicians that we elect. In all fairness the HOA does take care of building and grounds maintenance and some may cover insurance and community improvements.

However, just like government their singular purpose seems to be to create rules for issues that don’t exist or existed in the past but are no longer relevant, complete with violation letters, fines and possible expulsion from the community. For all of this each owner is obligated to pay anywhere from a moderate association dues to some fairly exorbitant fees, once again, just like government.

With all said, this is but a word of caution, take care before buying into an HOA situation, read the fine print and ask yourself, “just how much freedom and liberty are you willing to sacrifice to live in a managed community?”


I’m back!

For those who don’t follow me on other social media outlets, my wife, dogs and I have relocated to the number one state for Personal Freedom, Florida. This is not to say that there isn’t much to do here in the “Sunshine State” as it ranks very poorly in regulatory freedom, however there is a rapidly growing number of small “l” libertarians, large “L” Libertarians and assorted conservatives and constitutionalists who are striving to make Florida the top ranking state in all forms of freedom. So “all ya all” stick around and watch how we progress.

With each day that passes I become increasing aware of and alarmed by the threats posed by our central government, its agencies and policies to our individual liberty, our state and national sovereignty and our Constitutional Republic.

 However nothing alarms me more than the horrendous future we are passing to future generations if we can not stop the suicidal political and cultural trends that will lead to our collapse. It is to address those fears and offer some hope of solutions that I offer this blog, past works and my prayers.

I see our situation as stark with a lawless and immoral government populated with malcontents and reprobates that have no fear of we the people. They see us as gullible children manipulated or like sheep to be led complacently to the feeding trough of entitlement and eventual slavery. However at the same time, I do not sense that the people are in fear of the government as much as they have become largely dependent on the government as an infant would be dependent on its nursemaid. 

Sadly the result remains the same, the tyranny of an out control federal government combined with the fascism of crony capitalism, corporatism and central banks. Where does this leave the patriot seeking liberty and freedom to live, with a choice of surrender or resistance through, civil disobedience, refusal to comply and if no other remedy is available defensive rebellion.

The roots of our republican form of government are not found in today’s federal government, but in the confines of the Constitutional Republic given birth by our founding fathers and ratifying states in 1789.

At our birth we were 13 sovereign entity, states, formed by we the people and imbued with the authority to do what we as individual could not do by ourselves. It was these 13 sovereign states that agreed and we the people who consented to fraction off a limited amount of authority and power to on our behalf undertake the fledgling nations overall security, foreign commerce and interstate commerce for the good of the unified states. However at no time did the states or we as individuals ever consent to surrender our sovereignty to the newly formed central government. And in point of fact at the time of ratification there was great opposition to the creation of a central government, for the very reasons that have become so clear in our lifetime.
So when in our history did we ask permission to sever the ties with the British overlords, or when did we ask permission to revolt against oppression and tyranny and when did our founding fathers ask permission from treasonous bureaucrats to found a new government?
Therefore I ask you… Where in heck did the sovereign citizens and states that created this republic ever get the idea, they needed to ask the permission of the federal government to secede. News Flash, no permission is necessary, your state legislatures need merely the draft the documents of secession, and with the permission of “We the People” pass the writs of emancipation from the republic and they are free and independent.
The problem arises however in many states with heavy federal entitlements that they cannot exist without federal dollars. The flip side of that fear however is the reality that then dollars that are funneled into the federal government by the states and its citizens would stay in the states and likely be put to far better use than is currently the case with the exorbitant and largess of the federal bureaucrats. Another plus to our resources being kept closer to home is that the opportunity for transparency and accountability becomes far greater.
Isn’t it time we returned to the roots of our republic? Independent Free Citizens and Sovereign States!
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